Student Management

It is essential for tutors to have good, well-organized records of their students which are easily accessible. Tutor's Office offers a "student address book" specifically designed for the needs of its tutors. In addition to the typical contact information (name, address, email and phone), the student address book handles student specifics:
  • Billing rate
  • Contract details
  • Student notes
  • Classes student belongs to
If you are teaching children, you can add their guardians right to the student record along with their contact information. In this way, you have all the relevant information in one place which is easily accessible from anywhere - be it from home, office, or on the road. Furthermore, certain students might be on a wait list or marked as former students. This status information allows you to keep all your records as long as you want, and at the same time to change the functionality of Tutor's Office accordingly (fi.e. when you schedule a lesson you will not be overwhelmed by having to choose from a list of former students or from a list of those on a wait-list).
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