Tutor Finances

The luxury of being your own boss requires the burden of wearing many hats. One of those hats is a bookkeeping hat. You have to track payments, past dues, make invoices, document tutoring related expenses, and prepare "numbers" for taxes. Tutor's Office was designed for private tutors and has all the tools you need to minimize and simplify these activities. Every time you log onto your account, you get a summary of unpaid lessons and a gentle reminder of unreported lessons. You can send your students invoices for unpaid lessons or even set-up auto-invoicing. With auto-invoicing, your students will automatically receive invoices on a weekly or monthly basis. The Tutor's Office expense management capability allows you to track all your tutoring expenses with your own categories and associate them with a student or a class. You can analyze your finances through a number of reports such as student balances and/or expenses for a particular period. At the end of the year, when you prepare your tax return, you don't have to spend hours recalling and documenting all of your expenses and lesson payments - you simply run an Income vs. Expenses report for the year, and in no time, you have all the financial data that you need to prepare your tax return.
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